Revenge Is A Bitch.. And So Are You!

Have you ever cheated on your girl, fucked another guy or just done something and thought you got away with it?
We'll.. you might not have, and it may have been caught on camera and posted somewhere on the internet or even on this very website!

There are videos popping-up on the net from angry lovers/friends, exposing the cheaters using hidden cameras aka spycams that have been carefully placed where nobody usually looks..

These Revenge Cams are growing in popularity, because people are fed up with the bullshit! Cheaters Beware! If you get caught, you risk getting a beat-down plus your face posted in a movie because "Revenge is Sweet Biaaaaaaatch!".

Sometimes a hidden camera is not involved, the security cameras placed in offices or warehouses that usually are in plain sight catch folks doing crazy things.. and I love it!

  • Dumb Hubby Fucks The Help On Film!
    Jack’s quite stupid ‘cause he bangs his wife’s hired maid right inside their house! You know what they say, you shouldn’t shit where you eat, and our guy here just left a huge shitbomb for his wife to find, LOL! And how does she find out? Simple, by setting up a spycam in the pad [...] [ more]
  • Cheap-Ass Stripper Seduces Committed Jock!
    Stacie’s known for being the town slut, and she’s a threat to every wife and girlfriend within a 25-mile radius! Yup, this cumsuckah lurrrves teasing and humping jocks who’ve got their own ladies, to prove how sexy she is. But her wild times are soon finished, as one crafty wifey beats her at her game [...] [ more]
  • Ebony Cock Coffeebreak
    Abbie’s one of those secretaries who can barely keep their job. Why? ‘Cause she’s such a fuckslut, that’s why! Just take a look at this clip to see how this bitch ges her claws into her boss’ newest assistant. She’s totally unstoppable when it comes to having her clam stuffed! Our sneaky whore pretends to read [...] [ more]
  • Double-Crossing Wife Gets Caught Sexing Friend!
    Full-bodied chicana Gabriella has been playing around with one of her hubby’s workmates, and he knows it! But since screaming at her about used rubbers in the trash and jism-smelling blankets didn’t make her stop, the angry husband was forced to resort to spycams, and made sure to put ‘em in both the dishonest fuckers’ [...] [ more]
  • Black and White Buddies Showdown Over Hot Pussy
    James and Damon come from the same posse, but little do they know they’ve been stuffing the same pussy! It isn’t until James puts up a spycam against thieves that he accidentally sees his buddy messing around with his woman. And the jerkoff even has the gall to bang the cunt inside their place! Can’t blame [...] [ more]

Payback is a bitch and humiliation is the name of the game, folks!
In this World we live in, if someone does you wrong... you have a few options: 1) beat them down, 2) kill'em or 3) let them do it again, catch them in act and share it with the World!

Expose the cheaters, so people like me can have a laugh and go "Oooh! Damn!". It really is comedy seeing a dude fucking a chick while his girlfriend is gone, and then.. surprise! Guess who walks in the door, while he's pushing deep inside.. Hahaha! Trying to pull the dick out and fumble with around. "You Got Caught!"