Revenge Is A Bitch.. And So Are You!

Have you ever cheated on your girl, fucked another guy or just done something and thought you got away with it?
We'll.. you might not have, and it may have been caught on camera and posted somewhere on the internet or even on this very website!

There are videos popping-up on the net from angry lovers/friends, exposing the cheaters using hidden cameras aka spycams that have been carefully placed where nobody usually looks..

These Revenge Cams are growing in popularity, because people are fed up with the bullshit! Cheaters Beware! If you get caught, you risk getting a beat-down plus your face posted in a movie because "Revenge is Sweet Biaaaaaaatch!".

Sometimes a hidden camera is not involved, the security cameras placed in offices or warehouses that usually are in plain sight catch folks doing crazy things.. and I love it!

  • White Trash Wife Scores With Hubby’s Mechanic!
    Mark’s really bummed ’cause his slutty wife Rhonda’s playing him with Brad, his mechanic. Of course the bitch still doesn’t know that he knows, but she’s about to find out very soon! It all began when Mark discovered that somebody’s been stealing tools from his shed, so he put up a spycam to collar the culprit. [...] [ more]
  • ’Inventive’ Fucktard Hoodwinks Slut by Pretending He’s Single!
    The only thing worse than a cheating husband is a two-timing partner who says he’s single! Not only is he fooling his wife, he’s lying to fucksluts who didn’t even want to meddle with married fuckboys in the first place! This fresh video is showing just that - poor petite li’l minx is getting a really [...] [ more]
  • Doublecrossing Husband Gets Screwed Over By Camera-Holding Friend!
    This submission was one of the lamest we got in our office yet, but it’s true! Here’s the dirt: old man gets tired of his aging partner and seduces some nubile skank into his pad to eat her cunny, and since he wasn’t sure if he could get a repeat he pushed a pal into video-ing [...] [ more]
  • Biker Bozo Cockstuffs His Buddy’s Lady!
    Some bums are just man-whores, no matter how tough and beefy they may appear. Check out this dude here — he looks so tuff n’ scruffy, but when he sees his buddy’s wife, his knees turn to jelly! And the ho takes advantage of the situation by bringing him to the shed and diving into [...] [ more]
  • Cheated Guy Secretly Records Ho’s Scandal!
    This week’s submission was by a boyfie who was so angry with his slutty li’l bitch, that he went to the main screw pad himself to video their complete pumping thing and wave it in their shitty faces - uploaded on the Net! So he goes to the girlfriend-snatcher’s place and finds the front door open [...] [ more]

Payback is a bitch and humiliation is the name of the game, folks!
In this World we live in, if someone does you wrong... you have a few options: 1) beat them down, 2) kill'em or 3) let them do it again, catch them in act and share it with the World!

Expose the cheaters, so people like me can have a laugh and go "Oooh! Damn!". It really is comedy seeing a dude fucking a chick while his girlfriend is gone, and then.. surprise! Guess who walks in the door, while he's pushing deep inside.. Hahaha! Trying to pull the dick out and fumble with around. "You Got Caught!"